A pair of crochet holiday potholders shaped like Christmas trees and spoons.

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Dread the need to hold hot holiday cookware?

While handling hot food is an important part of the holidays, getting burns isn’t. Thus here are some ideas for holiday potholders that will keep your hands safe, all the while they’re expressing your Christmas spirit. Of course, so as not to distract you from your holiday prep, these are easy projects that will work up quickly and be ready in no time. Concurrently, though, they are super fun and definitely festive. Therefore, when you’re not using them, they will function as lovely decorations and kitchen knickknacks when hanging off their hooks or over oven handle. Moreover, they’d also make great presents or present stuffers. Finally, research shows that people who decorate their home for Christmas in advance are happier. So, starting a project now will help you feel the spirit of Christmas earlier take longer pleasure in that holiday.

Holiday Tree Hot Pad

First, our holiday potholders start with this hot pad. As the name suggests, it’s not only a potholder, but a hot pad as well – a trivet, if you will. Indeed, this is not only beautiful and cheerful, it’s also quite versatile.

Holiday Tree Hot Pad

Go to the pattern: Holiday Tree Hot Pad

Buffalo Check Potholder

So, do you have memories of cabins, pine trees and snow? If you do, these holiday potholders are perfect for you. Undoubtedly beautiful, they will be your greatest helpers in classic red and black or a modern color combo such as black and white.

bufflo podholder

Go to the pattern: Buffalo Check Potholder

Christmas Tree Potholder

Finally, the last of our holiday potholders, are an elegant tapestry, with a very solid texture and lots of functionality. Overall, these are very much a classic.

Christmas Tree Potholder

Go to the pattern: Christmas Tree Potholder

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