Harlequin Hoodie for Adult and Kid Free Crochet Pattern

Harleqin Hoodie Free Crochet Pattern

Granny Stripes, not just for your Gran’s afghan anymore. This awesome, colorful hoodie is an example of what you can do with granny stripe crochet. It’s a great idea of how to make a wearable, breathable hoodie with the wildest color pattern. This hoodie will keep your head and neck warm, but it will still let enough air through that you won’t get hockey hair or overheat. It’s an easy pattern to make, and it demonstrates the awesome power of the granny stripe.
Of course, you don’t have to make one too loud or garish, and a monochrome version with a simple, contrasting edge is also a great way to go forward with this project. A link to free patterns is included under the photos.

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Harlequin Hoodie Free Crochet Pattern

Skills: Easy   Designer : Marken of The Hat & I

Harleqin Hoodie Free Crochet Pattern

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Go to the pattern:

Harleqin Hoodie



Harlequin Hoodie for Kids Free Crochet Pattern

Harlequin Hoodie pattern is available also at kids and toddler sizes.

Skills:  Easy    Designer: Marken of The Hat & I

Harleqin Hoodie Free Crochet Pattern

Go to the pattern:

Harleqin Hoodie for Kids

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