Granny Squares Color Pattern Generator

Granny Squares Color Pattern Generator
Abstract colorful pattern featuring granny square designs with text overlay "granny squares color pattern generator".

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Crocheting a granny square is an easy task. In fact, it’s a pure pleasure.

If you are a newbie, first go to my beginner granny square patterns post and learn how to crochet a granny square or follow a step-by-step tutorial on a solid granny square.

If you are already an advanced beginner familiar with double crochet clusters, just pick one of the basic granny square patterns  or granny squares patterns for intermediate or advanced crocheters and you are good to go. However, regardless of your skill level, it may get a little bit complicated when you are making a granny square blanket. Nevertheless, when you are crocheting a classic granny square pattern or solid granny, often the most difficult task is to arrange the colors of your squares and of whole blankets as well. 

If you are making a granny square blanket in a single color with each square the same, you don’t have to read further. However, if you are planning to crochet a granny square blanket full of colors, a color pattern generator is a great help. It will not only create a harmonized mosaic for you but will list the colors and even the name of the color of yarn you are to use in each row.

My favourite Granny Squares generators

Granny Squares Color Pattern Generator in Stylecrafts Colors

My one preferred color generator to recommend is the granny square color picker by Witty Crafts Design. You can choose how many squares your blanket will have in each row and how many rows you will go with. 

This generator works with the  Stylecraft colours yarn palette, but many other types of yarn have an analogous color scheme.

Use this generator if you:

Are using Stylecraft yarns or yarns with a similar hues pallette


You need ideas which color to choose for your blanket.


The more colors you choose, the more colors you will get in each square. The generator is limited to 8 colors.

Below are examples of how the generator works in warm and cool color combinations. 


A grid of concentric squares in varying shades of pink and beige.
Granny square blanket pattern in warm colors
A repetitive geometric pattern of concentric squares in shades of brown and blue.
Granny square blanket pattern in grey, blues and greens


Here is an example of a granny square blanket in cooler hues:

To generate the Granny Square Blanket using Stylecraft colors go here:

Color Wheel Granny Squares Color Pattern Generator 

If you want to use your own colors, or want to use more than 8 colors per square, the better option will be which allows you to pick any color you want from the color wheel and use up to 10 different colors per square! 

Use the color wheel generator if you:

Want to select a specific color


You want to define the number pf colors per square

A pattern of purple and white concentric squares arranged in a grid on a purple background.

To use the Color Wheel Granny Squares Color Pattern Generator go here:

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