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I have said before, the classics are in again.

Consequently, it’s time to look at at probably the most classic of crochet garments, the granny shawl. Not only are these practical and warm, they are also usually very pretty and fashionable. In fact, there are very few items of clothing that they don’t accessorize with. However, instead of looking at those situations, it’s a good idea to explore how these wonderful scarves will help you grow as a crocheter and have fun with fashion. Moreover, there is just so much room here for customization and fun that you will have tons of fun just thinking of ways to modify them.

Quick and Simple Granny Shawl

To begin with, this shawl is a fluffy, thick neck wrap with the most amazing drapiness.

Quick and Simple Granny Shawl

The full article about this pattern is on notyouraveragecrochet blog:

Quick & Simple Granny Shawl

Chal Medio Granny

While there are many granny shawl ideas to choose from, some are just so beautiful. Unfortunately, this pattern is in Spanish but you can admire beautiful color combo.

chal medio granny

The full article about this pattern (unfortunately in Spanish only) is on Ravelry:

Just Feel Festive Shawl

However, there are granny shawl patterns that are also simple to understand and work up. Thus, here is one such pattern that produces a beautiful, festive shawl.

Just Feel Festive Shawl

The full tutorial about this pattern is on Ravelry :

Just Feel Festive Shawl

More info about projects photographed on Ravelry.

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