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Granny Bag Ideas For This Summer

Fall may be around the corner, but we’re not done with summer yet.

So, here are some granny bag ideas to help you stay in that summertime spirit. Indeed, who knows, you may even choose to keep it up through the fall and winter, all the way until the sunny days roll around again. Additionally, granny bags are a great way to repurpose that crochet staple that is the granny square. After all, it’s become a staple for a reason, but that doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself to just blankets and afghans. Therefore, why not try these fun, attractive and very useful projects that are also easy enough for beginners, but sufficiently amusing for the veteran as well.

Granny Flower Square Bag

To begin with, the first granny bag is a fun and interesting tote that will be fabulous for shopping, or for closing out beach season. Overall, I’d say that this is probably the most classic of this sort of bag.

Granny Flower Square Bag

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Granny Square Tote Bag


Granny Hex Tote

Of course, you can go a little fancier. To this end, here is an easy and simple pattern for an odd-shaped yet super attractive shoulder bag made of granny hexagons.

Granny Hex Tote

The full article about this pattern is on moogly blog:


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