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Graduation Owl Free Crochet Patterns

Graduation Owl Free Crochet Patterns
Owls have been the symbol of wisdom for a long time. In fact, in Greek mythology an owl is the bird associated with Athena, the goddess of wisdom and handicraft. So, an owl is doubly symbolic both of knowledge gained prior to graduation, and of crocheting, very much a handicraft.

Wisdom Graduation Owl Free Crochet Pattern

This cute little guy will be a wonderful and amusing token of appreciation and memento for a soon-to-be or recent grad on their way to bigger and better things. It’s an easy amigurumi project that you can work up quickly and send off to your kid’s college along with the rest of their graduation paraphenelia.

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SkillsEasy        Designer Lisa Wears

Wisdom Graduation Owl

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Wisdom the Graduation Owl

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Wise Old Owl with Graduation Cap Free Crochet Pattern

Here is a slightly more serious owl… perhaps for recent alumni of grad school? This is also an easy project with a fun design. All seriousness aside, this owl isn’t entirely sombre, and the jaunty angle of the mortarboard makes sure that graduation is seen as a fund and wonderful occasion. The recipient will be thrilled!


SkillsEasy        Designer Sarah Zimmerman

Wise Old Owl

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Wise Old Owl with Graduation Cap

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