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Gift Bag Free Crochet Patterns

Gift bag crochet ideas

Crocheting, the art that’s its own gift and wrapper, all in one!

It’s so often the case that you have no idea what to give someone and even less of an idea of how to wrap it. I know that this is a problem for me. So, consequently, here are some gift bag free crochet patterns that will solve that problem. Thus, you will not only have a gift that’s sure to be appreciated, but also a wrap that will be appreciated just as much. These are all beautiful projects, and indeed, do not have to be gifts, and you can keep them for yourself.

Dot’s Little Ditty Bag

Dot’s ditty little bag is a fun way to present a stuffie, a little card or any other token of appreciation. It will be a great thing for a birthday, undoubtedly with a small bottle of vino or a fancy bar of chocolate.

 Designer:  Dot Matthews

Dot's Little Ditty Bag

The full article about this pattern is here:

Dot’s Little Ditty Bag

More info about photo project here and here.


Rainbow Purse

The rainbow purse is a wonderful, colorful little bag for all your daughter’s treasures. Moreover, it’s a fun little project that lets your imagination run wild. Lastly, maybe your daughter would like to participate? Who knows, she might be a crocheter at heart.

Designer: Vendula Maderska

Rainbow purse free crochet tutorial

The full article about this pattern is here:

Rainbow Purse


Santa Basket or Gift Bag Free Crochet Pattern

It’s summer you say? Pshaw! Any time is a good time for Santa, and this little Santa bag is just the best way to put  a little ho ho ho in your August heat wave.

Skills: Easy   Designer :  Maria Bittner

Santa Basket or Bag Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about this pattern is here:

 Santa Basket or Bag


Tie Gift Bag Free Crochet Pattern

The tie gift bag is a wonderful wrapper for a present for a guy. Thus, it will be a fun and playful way to treat  him to a wonderful gift enclosed in a beautiful and memorable enclosure. In addition, it will surely be one of the more enjoyable projects.

Skills: Easy       Designer: Crystalized Designs

Tie Gift Bag

The full article about this pattern is here:

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