Two pictures of amigurumi turkeys.

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Thanksgiving is coming and so are Turkey Amigurumi Ideas! Are you in the mood for decorating? So are we!

Hello there, passionate homemakers! Are you done with Halloween preparations? Even if you are not completely ready yet, you are certainly already thinking about the next big theme of the season. Have you guessed what we have in mind? Thanksgiving, obviously! A big part of the autumn decorations you have crocheted so far can certainly stay where it is, no worries. They are still perfectly on point! We suppose that there is only one thing missing from your schedule. Crochet patterns for Thanksgiving Turkey Amigurumi Ideas! Here we come to your rescue. Grab the hook!

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Small Animal Collection: Turkey

Will you invite this little sweetie to your collection of crochet toys and figurines this season? We certainly hope so! We bet you will have loads of fun following the pattern by Jen Hayes. Do you feel inspired? Yes! Grab the hook and get on with it!

Amigurumi Turkey

The original pattern and the photos are available on Jen Hayes Creations:

Small Animal Collection: Turkey

More info on Ravelry here.

Thanksgiving Turkey

In the world of crochet patterns for Thanksgiving turkeys, the smallest sometimes means the best. We mean, just take a look at this little cutie! Such a sweet beast, right? So cute! You can master this pattern by Gillian Nestor even if you don’t have much experience.

Turkey Amigurumi

The original pattern and the photos are available on Ravelry:

Thanksgiving Turkey Amigurumi

Turkey Amigurumi

Halloween is close, the autumn leaves have fallen, and (one would hope) the firewood is all ready for the winter. So, it’s time to slowly turn towards Thanksgiving. This wonderful celebration of friends, family, and all we’ve been given deserves special crochet recognition. In honor of turkey day, have a look below at these turkey-themed patterns to help you demonstrate your spirit. Craft Passion will surely help!

SkillsEasy           Designer: Craft Passion

Turkey Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

The original pattern and the photos are available on Craft Passion:

Turkey Amigurumi


Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

In addition to decorating the interior, it’s always a good idea to hang a wreath outside. Below is an idea for a colorful and playful turkey wreath. You can decorate your front door and show off your love for this most wonderful of American holidays. Follow the instructions by Repeat Crafter Me!

The original pattern and the photos are available on Repeat Crafter Me:

Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath 

Turkey Duke

Let’s finish this list of ideas for Thanksgiving Turkeys with something special! Meet Turkey Duke, the prince of this year’s celebrations! Isn’t he absolutely adorable? Oh, yes! Crochet a couple of sweet turkeys like this one for your Thanksgiving table. Angelina Taranina will guide you!

Amigurumi Turkey

The original pattern is available on Ravelry:

Turkey Duke

The photos are on @loopy_pattern_design’s Instagram here and here.

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  1. I only know how to do regular knitting and crocheting but I do like the turkey

  2. Oh my goodness they’re absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing these Thanksgiving patterns.

  3. Paula Sibert says:

    All the little amigurumi characters are sooo cute.

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