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Flower Afghan Free Crochet Patterns

Lets put some spring into Spring. Here are some flower-themed afghan ideas that will definitely be put Persephone’s touch into your home and into your heart. These beautiful patterns have beautiful flowers in amazing 3D relief on lovely backgrounds. They are not too terribly difficult, but the end outcome is stunning. How many projects can you think of to use these squares in? How big of an afghan are you willing to make?

Lady’s Rose Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

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The Lady’s Rose afghan has lovely rosettes standing out from the centers of the squares and a border delineating one square from the next. These are small squares of about 4″, giving the afghan a tiled look that is very fetching. In particular, the version with the reversed edge of light and dark is quite attractive.

Skills: Easy Designer:    Melinda Miller

Lady's Rose Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about this pattern is here:

Lady Rose Afghan



Rebekah’s Flower Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

Rebekah’s Flower Afghan is a different take on this theme, making use of a larger square with a highly varied surface and extensive use of voids. The end effect is evocative of traditional ceiling rondelles that would adorn the ceilings of manor homes.

Skills: Easy    Designer: Aimee Cunningham

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The full article about this pattern is here:

Rebekah’s Flower Afghan

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