Four different crocheted dishcloths in different colors, farmhouse style.

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Even in the big city, you need a little countryside.

While living in the big city has its perks, the homely simplicity of a country lifestyle is not to be taken for granted. Unfortunately, not all of us can rush out of the metropolis and go off grid and totally DIY gridless. However, we can bring some of that country style and feeling into our urban homes or apartments  by setting them up with the right accessories. One such addition is crochet, and in particular farmhouse potholders. These are easy projects that nevertheless can have a great impact on the styling of a kitchen, and still provide years of useful service.

Ribbed Potholder

Farmhouse potholders come in many shapes and textures, but I think this ribbed one is particularly nice. Indeed, the dense stitch coupled with the right color choice is an amazing ye olde acoutrement for the kitchen, be it rustic or modern.

Ribbed Potholder

The full article about this pattern is on blog:

 Ribbed Potholder

Mix & MatchPotholder

That said, there are other ways to do ribbed farmhouse potholders, and this one shows just that. In particular, I love the diagonal seam line and the right-angled ribbing.

mix and match

More info about project photographed you will find on Ravelry:

Mix and Match Potholders

Thermal Stitch Potholder

However, you may want something even more classic from your farmhouse potholders. Thus, here is a waffle-looking one which will be super functional, yet very beautiful.

thermal stitch potholder

The full pattern is on  blog:

Thermal Stitch Potholder

Farmhouse Potholder

Lastly, if thickness is your friend, farmhouse potholders can be made to have lots of thermally protective padding. This slab of a potholder is amazing.

Farmhouse potholder

The full pattern is on blog:

Farmhouse potholder

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