A group of fall crocheted coasters.

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What would be a Thanksgiving without a theme and accents?

In short, the answer is: boring. Obviously, everyone loves funny and colorful pumpkin or turkey or fall-theme decoration. Since hey give magic to the moment, they allow us to feel more festive. As Thanksgiving comes only once a year, without a doubt it’s worthwhile to make it special. Of course, the good news is that we can make it special every year by adding something new to themed decorations we already have in storage in the basement or garage. Additionally, these fall coaster ideas are simply fun projects in themselves, so  making them won’t ever feel like a chore.

Pumpkin Dishcloth

These toasty dishcloths will definitely will be your fall favourite. Overall, this fall coaster is a funny and useful gift idea, for example if you are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner.

Pumpkin Dishcloth

The original pattern and the photos are available on krissysoverthemountaincrochet.com blog:

Pumpkin Dishcloth

Gobble Coasters

A Gobble fall coaster will be a great addition to your Thanksgiving table decor. Indeed, by wisely choosing colors matching the placemats, table cloth and nappkins, these Gobble Coasters can  combine with them into one coherent design and add the final touch.

Turkey Coasters

The original pattern and the photos are available on  yarn-pixie.blogspot.com blog:

Gobble Coaster

and also on Ravlery: WendyTeeguarden’s project ,  Camo’s project and Ihensel’s project.

Falling Pumpkin Dishcloth

Falling Pumpkin dishcloth will be the kids’ favorite fall coaster. Moreover, you can even engage the sprogs to help you with designing and cutting pumpkin faces. Thus, it’s so easy and fun that can be your new Halloween tradition.

Falling Pumpkin Dishcloth

The original pattern and the photos are available on  Ravelry:

Falling Pumpkin Dishcloth & Hot Pad

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