Face Mask Crochet Patterns

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Welcome, yarn lovers! We hope you are healthy and safe these days. If you need crochet patterns for face masks, you have come to the right place today.

According to the latest CDC information, homemade face masks offer some degree of protection from particles in the air, including ones that can harbor diseases. Solid Crochet Face Masks can also stop you from touching your face, which is a significant source of infection. At the same time, a face mask with an inner liner of dense cotton material, or better yet a pocket for filter cloth, is better than a single layer of material. With all this in mind, we have selected a couple of crochet patterns for masks for you to choose from. Whatever you do, please make sure you follow the recommendations of appropriate health authorities when making and using PPDs of any sort. We want our fellow crocheters to stay safe at all times!
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Crochet Face Masks Free Patterns and Tutorials

These exemplary patterns for crochet masks will help you keep yourself, your family, and friends safe. We admire the designers who have shown their solidarity by releasing valuable instructions for us all!

Face Mask with Filter Insert

Thanks to the awesome designer behind Crafting Happiness, we can all feel a bit safer in these challenging times. If you are looking for patterns you can rely on, you should certainly try following these simple instructions for a solid crochet mask. Browse the website for other projects as well, it is so worth it!

Crochet Face Mask

The original pattern and the photos are available on Crafting Happiness here:

Face Mask with Filter Pocket

Fabric Lined Adult Face Mask

This is a basic, beginner-friendly pattern for a crochet face mask for adults. Yarnspirations will certainly help you create a set of solid, comfortable, colorful masks in no time. If you have some time on your hands and some motivation to support the ones close to you, follow in Yarnspirations

Here is a beautiful and functional lined mask for adults. This design has a concertina folds which enable it to stretch over the nose, mouth and chin offering wide coverage and a good fit, while being comfortable to wear. Given the right color, this is actually an attractive fashion accessory in its own right.

Skills: Easy.    Designer: Yarnspirations

Crocheted Fabric-Lined Adult Face Mask

The original pattern and the photos are available on Yarnspirations here:

Fabric Lined Adult Face Mask

Customizing the pattern above, you can obviously make smaller versions for children as well. Adding an applique or other funny element, you will surely encourage the little one to wear the mask and take good care of it. Here is an example of a set of crochet face masks made by Midknits:

Lined Face Mask

The original photo is here. To see more photos, visit Erin Black’s Instagram here.

Face Mask

Here is one more great design for a lined face mask. This one lacks the concertina folds but it has a pocket-like structure that protects your nose and chin instead. The inclusion of the pocket enables you to slide in a filter pad, enhancing this mask’s protective effect. Adele Crochet has done an amazing job!

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Adele Crochet

Fabric-Lined Adult Face Mask

Watch the full tutorial here:

Face Mask with a Pocket

This design combines the best qualities of both masks we have seen above. It has a liner with a pocket for a filter pad as well as the folds enabling it to stretch out over your face. Easily customizable, this mask is a must-have in your repertoire of crochet tricks during this challenging time. You will surely master the pattern without any problems!

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Adele Crochet

Crocheted Face Mask with a pocket

The full tutorial is on Adele Crochet’s Youtube channel here:

Mask with a Pocket Tutorial

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  1. Anna Smit says:

    Beautiful patterns for the masks

  2. no template for the liner on the adel facemask.

  3. Do not use this as a mask for Covid19!!!!! I am a pulmonologist. This mask type is grossly inadequate.

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