Element CAL Bedspread

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It’s throwback to greatness day today…

As we all remember, this pattern was a hit when was released. Indeed, few patterns have captured the collective imagination of the crochet world as much as the Elements CAL. Even though this pattern was first released in 2017, it still continues to inspire new projects and designs. While this amazing vivid square can be extended into a bedspread as its central motif, it can also function as a building block for a bedspread from jointed squares. Indeed, the Elements CAL bedspread is another in a very worthy succession of projects. To summarize, it’s a great pattern for an eye-catching bedspread and we’d like to show you how.

Elements CAL Bedspread in Redwood

So, here is the first embodiment using the Elements CAL square as a building block. While one may consider it a bit subdued in its earth tones, it’s actually very energizing in its redwood and flame tones.

Element CAL Bedspread

More info about project photographed: Elements CAL Beadspread by SassyQban

Elements Nat

However, as mentioned an Elements CAL bedspread can also incorporate the basic square as a central motif and build around it. Consequently, the bedspread “revolves” around the main square, with concentric rings around it.

Elements Nat

More info about project photographed: Elements CAL Beadspread by Evelynefr


Element CAL Bedspread

Of course, you can also make one with an amazing and vivid color combo in  light and medium purple. I mean this is one great looking project.

Element CAL Bedspread


More info about project photographed: Elements CAL Beadspread by LoriBaran

Here are links to parts of the Elements CAL: a center square part 1larger square – part 2Part 3 started of making a circle from our square, which kept on growing in part 4 and further in part 5. Next parts: part 6, part 7part 8part 9, and part 10,  part 11 and finished with a border in part 12.

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  1. I keep looking for the pattern and can never find it can someone please help. Dont mind paying for it just tired of the run around.

  2. Sharon Foreman says:

    I agree with the other girl I have looked and look through this thing for the last 15 minutes and I can’t find the pattern to the elements African please will you post it or send it to me to SFOREMAN [email protected] I really would like to have it because I really like that and I want to make it thank you

  3. Florence Marini says:

    Patterns for sale on Ravelry.com

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