Elegant Square Bedspread Crochet Ideas

Elegant Square Bedspread Crochet Ideas
Two elegant pictures of a bed with a crocheted canopy.

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We all need a little elegance in life.

While making crocheted items is often associated with homely, comfortable places like Grandma’s cottage or the nursery in your parents’ home, elegance is an often overlooked aspect. Therefore, we’d like to show you some very elegant bedspread ideas that will definitely shed a new light on just how fancy crocheted items can be. Thus, each of these projects was selected to be a show stopper and center piece for any room you put one in. Nevertheless, they are also workable projects that may require some advanced techniques. However, they are well documented so that you can develop these skills as you go.

Elegant Sophie Universe Bedspread

Don’t you think this elegant square bedspread looks familiar? It’s Sophie Universe Blanket and I’m sure you have seen it before. This beautiful pattern shows how much you can do with a pattern by varying the colors and yarns. This beautiful blanket would be a masterful centerpiece of any bedroom, or simply a great cover to cozy up with on a cold winter’s evening. It’s just challenging enough to keep an advanced crocheter entertained, and just easy enough to get a beginner o up their game and advance in  the craft. It’s one of those patterns everyone has to try

Skills: advanced      Designer: Dedri Uys

Sophie Universe

The full article about this pattern is here:

Sophie’s Universe

More info about Laurenwolf’s project here.

Lilliana Snow Queen

This elegant square bedspread is an absolutely stunning piece of crocheting. In fact, it is one of the most visually amazing throws that I’ve seen. Moreover, it also has one of the most astounding textures as well.

Skills: intermediate      Designer: Hooked on Sunshine

lilliana snow queenblanket

The full article about this pattern is here:

Lilliana Blanket

more info about this version of the pattern: Ravelry.

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