Fun and Educational Baby Ball Free Crochet Patterns

Educational Baby Ball Free Crochet Patterns

Kids love to play and new toys are always welcomed with a big smile. Here you can find a few baby ball ideas which are safe, soft and educational at the same time. A football game inside a small room without breaking anything? It’s possible!

Educational Baby Ball Free Crochet Pattern

The Educational Baby Ball is addressed to the youngest players. It’s an unusually shaped  ball with lots of 3D shapes to discover. It will definitely occupy the attention of a curious baby’s mind and a great opportunity to explore new shapes. Tactile development is so important in a baby’s life, and this sensory ball encourages it so well.
Skills:  Easy    Designer: Patricia Heller
Educational Ball Free Pattern

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Educational Baby Ball


African Flower Soccer Ball Free Crochet Pattern

Is your little (littlest??) one an upcoming Messi or Ronaldo, but he’s a smidge too early in his career for his first Adidas Telstar? This is a PERFECT solution. The African flower soccer ball is crocheted out of pentagons and hexagons just like a traditional “ladybug”. Each hex- or pentagon is crocheted separately, then they are stitched together into larger panels, which are then sewn together. The ball is stuffed tightly with fiberfill and closed. Your little guy can then practice his free-kicks and dribbing… both with the ball and onto it, because it’s totally safe for those little soccer stars that still have to taste everything in their world. Link to the pattern is at the end of the post.

Skills: Easy to Intermediate  Designer: Leslie Stahlhut

African Flower Soccer Ball Free Crochet Pattern

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African Flower Soccer Ball, African Flower Pentagon, African Flower Hexagon


Flower Amish Puzzle Ball Free Crochet Pattern

It is more than just an ami ball. It’s a puzzle! It is made of three segments that, when assembled together, form a ball. The flower puzzle ball is a lovely creative toy and it is suitable for the youngest children as well. Of course, your imagination is the only limit on how you can modify and embellish this lovely item. The link to the pattern is below. Enjoy!

Skills:  Easy  Yarn: any  Designer : Dedri Uys
Flower Amish Puzzle Ball Free Crochet Pattern

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 Flower Amish Puzzle Ball 


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