A rainbow colored crocheted afghan with new stitches on a wooden table.

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Don’t zig when you should zag. Do both.

Although we have looked at easy zig zag blanket patterns previously, it’s one of those themes that is always refreshing and renewed. Indeed, despite being deceptively simple (I mean, the line angles up, the line angles down, rinse and repeat) this super versatile design is useful in so many ways. However, one of its greatest advantages are its simplicity and veracity. To the latter point, this is a genuinely and truly fun, easy and ever attractive theme that can be adapted to just about any project.

Happiest Blanket Ever

Just like its name implies, this easy zig zag blanket is a wonderful, feel-good piece. Consequently, not only will you have a blast making it, but you will put loads of joy into the heart of the user.

Skills: easy      Designer:  Tamara Kelly

Happiest Blanket Ever

The full article about this pattern is here:

Happiest Blanket Ever

Diamond Stitch Blanket – Easy Zig Zag

However, there are many ways to approach this subject (see, no cats involved!!). Thus this easy zig zag blanket will be a great addition to your wavy collection.

Skills: easy      Designer:  Happy in Red

Diamond Stitch Blanket

The full article about this pattern is here:

Diamond Stitch Blanket

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