Free crocheted mop cover and cloths.

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You definitely don’t want to miss this patterns.These are very useful mop covers and easy to make.

Easy Crochet Mop Cover

Their strong texture, needed for washing and scrubbing, was designed using the crunch stitch. If you are not familiar with this stitch, you can see the video tutorial below. The crunch stitch gives this mop cover not only a re-usable texture but also an elegant look, so you can also use this pattern as a Christmas gift idea.

Skills: Easy            Designer:  Grace and Yarn

Easy Crochet Mop Cover Free Pattern

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Easy Mop Cover

Rub-a-Dub Mop Cover

This mop cover will be the perfect reusable pad for any mop you have especially Swiffer WetJet. If you have a constant problem with falling refills or their price is too expensive for you, Rub-aDub will be a perfect substitute. Easy to put on and will also stay in place. If you have a different size of a mop head, you can adjust the pattern size or add extra rubbers holding the crocheted mop pad on the top.

Skills: Easy   Designer: Skacel Collection, Inc
rub a dub mop cover

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  1. Anna+Smit says:

    Just what I need Thank you

  2. Diane Snarski says:

    Yes, where do you get the Free Crochet Mop Pattern on this page. No where is there a selection choice to download it and print it out. ??????????????????

    1. Just above the video it says Mop Pattern. Click on and it takes you to the site where the pattern is

  3. I can’t find the pattern either

    1. A link to each pattern is underneath its picture. It is usually the name of the pattern in blue color.

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