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Easy Doll’s Carry Basket Free Crochet Patterns

Doll's Carry Baskets

Dolls are like babies, they love being carried around!

Of course, your little girls treat their dolls like their own kids. These doll’s carry basket free crochet patterns are surely just the thing for a doll to snuggle in as it’s being carried hither and yon. However, this is not just a project for your kids. If you have a doll collection, these baskets will unquestionably help display and accessorize them as well. These baskets are a wonderful, highly customizable project which will definitely be one of the highlights of your crocheting tenure.

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Cotton and Rope Crochet Doll’s Basket

Here is a classic cotton and rope work basket with lovely, semi-random color patterning. This would  absolutely be a fantabulous accessory for a crocheted or rag doll.

Designer: Moira Parkinson

Doll Basket

The full article about this pattern is here:

Cotton and Rope Doll’s Basket


Doll’s Carry Basket

Every little girl dreams to have this accessory. Kids love to bring their favourite toys wherever they go, so the Doll’s Carry Basket  will be the most super extra cool gift. During the evening, it will be perfect as a doll bed as well helping parents to prepare their kids for bedtime


Designer: Paapo Oy

Doll's Carry Basket
The full article about this pattern is here:

Doll’s Carry Basket

More info about photo’s project here.


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