Crocheted owls hanging from a branch.

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Who is all in for a little Hoo Hoo?

We are! Cute owls are a favorite theme for crocheting, since they can be patterned in many ways. To that effect, they can vary from the haughty and regal to cute and adorable… and anything in between. Indeed, there are  few amigurumi themes, which can range between something life-like and cartoonish. Therefore, why not make one of these, especially as they are also quite simple and composed of basic shapes? However, they still leave you tons of room to customize and have fun with them.

Cute Hopeful Owl

These cute little owls are just begging for you to take them home! With the branches and pinecones, this is an absolutely wonderful mobile or wall hanging. You can make them singly, or in bunches, but either way this owl patter is where it’s at.

Skills:  Easy        Designer: Alison Livesey

hopeful owls

The full article about this pattern is here:

Hopeful Owl

Otto The Owl Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Otto the Owl is a little cute amigurumi, interesting in that it is a slightly more challenging project than most small ami projects, making it a pleasant challenge for beginning crocheters who wish to up their game and an interesting diversion for the veteran. Despite being intended as a toy, the small size makes it suitable for using as a decoration on a Christmas tree or wreath. So, have a hoot and enjoy owling your home.

Skills: Intermediate   Designer: Ildikko Crochet

otto the owl

Go to the pattern:

 Otto the Owl

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