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It’s time for things for the littlest ones.

So, a lovey has got to be one of the most amazingly adorable inventions, ever. Of course, even among that fluffy community a cute lamb baby lovey totally stands out in a class of its own. Don’t you think? After all, a baby blanket combined with an amigurumi-inspired lamb, how cute is that? Indeed, there can be no other thing to help a little soul cuddle and snuggle down to a good rest as well as one. While browsing, I think we have here the sweetest lamb-themed loveys that exist. Please enjoy dialing your “awwwwww!” factor up to 11.

Little Marry Lamb Lovey

To that point, this cute lamb lovey has tons of huggability potential. Consequently, the body is a comforting, fluffy blanket and the head is an easy amigurumi ovoid with absolutely adorable, crocheted sleepy eyes.

Skills: Easy Designer: Swecraftcorner

Little Marry Lamb Lovey

The full article about the pattern is here:

Little Mary Lamb Lovey

More info and the photos here.

Sheep Security Blanket

Next, let your little one sleeps soundly with this cute lamb lovey. In addition to being utterly adorable, this lovely blankie is very easy to make from two crocheted sections and simple stitches.

The original pattern and the photos are available on

Sheep Security Blanket


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