Amigurumi Graduation Ideas

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It’s June! With graduations already done and dusted, or just about to happen, it’s high time to crochet graduation-related items. Lately, I’ve been seeking graduation-themed pattern on the web. Finally, I found these ones and I just have to share them with you. Additionally, these are fun projects in their own right and will give you hours of pleasure and relaxation when making them. Moreover, because of their size, they will also be great for busting your stash of yarn-ends, so that you can build an even bigger stash afterwards.

Wisdom the Graduation Ami Owl

 This owl will be the perfect gift for any graduate student. It can also be a marvelous project for your amigurumi collection. You can also replace graduation accessories with a Santa hat, bag and so on. You have endless possibilities with Wisdom!

Skills:  Intermediate        Designer: Lisa Wear

Wisdom the Graduation Ami Owl

The full article about this pattern is here:

Wisdom the Graduation Owl

Doll Graduation Cap and Gown

Here is a wonderful idea for a graduation gown and mortarboard. These wonderful accessories will be perfect for making a graduation-day gift for students in your life who are just finishing a stage in their education. To summarize, this is a wonderful pattern with a fun edge and a playful way of acknowledging your student’s success.

Skills: Easy     Designer: Kristi Bergin-Smith

Doll Graduation Cap and Gown

The full article about this pattern is here:

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