A collection of crochet hedgehogs.

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Not all hedgehogs are prickly. These are soft and cuddly!

Hedgehogs are cute, amazingly lovable little animals that are nevertheless very important for keeping insects down. More than that, they are one of the better subjects for crocheting, because of their simple shapes and possibilities for customizing their quills. Not only are the color schemes free to explore, but the textures can be done in so many different ways. Therefore, have fun and enjoy your quilly, needly little friends – crochet hedgehogs.

Diddy Hedgehog

These small, undoubtedly cute hedgehogs will be a perfect gift, if you have to quickly make a bunch of them. They are easy and will look great in any color you make them in. As they are soft and cuddly, crochet hedgehogs will be appropriate for event they small recipients. Link to a free pattern is below.

Skills:  Easy        Designer:  Sarah Lyons
Diddy Hedgehog
The full article about this pattern is here:

Diddy Hedgehog

More info about Birgittehk’s project and Yarnpetals’s project


Heidi Hedgehog Free Crochet Pattern

Heidi is a more traditional hedgehog with long “needles” and an adorable snout terminating in a cute nose. Consequently, it’s a great way to introduce this cutest of animals to your kids… even here in North America where we don’t really have them.

SkillsEasy           Designer Janet McMahon

Heidi Hedgehog

The full article about this pattern is here:

 Heidi Hedgehog

More info about WoolyWonders


Nugget The Hedgehog

Nugget is a wonderful, stylized hedgehog that will be a great decoration for your desk or an amazing present for graduation. Indeed, any day can be hedgehog day!

SkillsEasy           Designer Irene Strange

nugget the hedgehog

The full article about this pattern is here:

 Nugget The Hedgehog


Flower Hedgehog Toy Free Crochet Pattern

While we think they are, it’s not always true that hedgehogs are always prickly and spiky. To the contrary, this cutie has beautiful flowers where her spines would be. Kids will definitely love this adorable hedgehog.

SkillsEasy           Designer: Yulia Klyushina

flower hedgehog toy

The full article about this pattern is here:

Flower Hedgehog Toy


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