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Cute Bird Free Crochet Patterns

In these tough times, everybody needs a little sweetness, a little cuteness in their lives. What could be cuter than littly amigurumi birds in many colors and shapes? Not much, and to prove it, here are some little ami birdies to cheer you and yours right up.

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Blu The Bird

Blu the bird is looks like a cousin of the the famous blue twitter bird, but MUCH cuter. This is a fun little pattern with a lovely rose decoration around the neck. The whole pattern is given a complete look by it’s absolutely adorable little nest. Blu is truly a great pattern that will be appreciated by all. If you do make one (or a bunch) of these for the youngest of the homebound, please consider making crocheted eyes for safety.
Skills:  Easy    Designer:  Yarn Society
Blu The Bird Free Crochet Pattern

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Blu The Bird


 Crochet Bird

This sweet little bird is a lovely and fun pattern that will warm the heart of even the biggest grump. This teensy guy has a lovely frilly tail and head fringe, but is still easy in that the basic structure is that of two amigurumi ovoids. Quick, easy, and capable of using up yarn ends. Awesome!

Skills: Easy    Designer : Amigurumi Today

Crochet Bird


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Amigurumi Bird

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Barb Pavoni 20 March 2020 at 10:11 pm

Love the patterns but wish they were easier to print. Too much paper and ink will be used with the way it’s written. Can’t you do it simpler?


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