Cute Crochet Puppies Free Patterns

Puppies Free Crochet Patterns

Short of baby kittens, there’s nothing nearly as cute as a puppy!

Here is a small collection of puppy-themed crochet ideas perfect for dialling up the cuteness factor in your home. These crochet puppies are so lovely, and what’s more they won’t even widdle on the carpet! These are all fun and easy patterns, made even more facile through the use of simple basic shapes. You can give these as toys, or keep them for yourself as decorations, inspirations or just because the look so darn cute. Puppies are not just for kids, indeed, they’re for everyone in need of a bit of cheer.

Mini Pals Patrick the Puppy

Patrick is a simple crochet puppy made of easy shapes, and will be a perfect homework companion who’ll never eat the homework, and always make sure it’s done.

Designer: Erika Du

Mini Pals Patrick the puppy

The full article about this pattern is here:

Mini Pals Patrick the Puppy


Tommy the Dog

Tommy is another great, decorative project that will be the toast of the nursery. It’s a cute crochet puppy with accessories, and consequently will be a great playtime companion.

Skills: Easy   Designer : Amigurumi Today

Tommy the Dog Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about this pattern is here:

Tommy the Dog

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