Crochet Accessories Caddy Doll Free Patterns

Crochet Accessories Caddy Doll Free Patterns
Two pictures of crocheted caddy dolls holding scissors.

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Everyone needs a caddy…

So, here you are crocheting away and always rummaging around to find every tool, hook, needle or scissor. However, there is no reason to continue with this inefficiency. Indeed, it’s a surprise that not everyone has a caddy doll for crochet accessories. Of course making one is a fun amigurumi project to work on in itself and a rewarding  experience. However, at the end of this you will have a caddy that will make your crocheting an even more pleasing hobby. After all, you will have your pins, hooks, clips and anything else all close to hand. Better still, this will be in the form of an attractive accessory that’s both useful and a way to showcase your mad crocheting skills.

Crochet Caddy Mod Kit

While we all love amigurumi dolls, wouldn’t it be great if they were also useful? Of course it would. Thus here is an absolutely beautiful crocheted caddy doll for helping you organize all your crocheting necessities. Indeed, the Sally Doll has it everything! To wit, she is distinctive, beautiful and oh, so very handy.

Crochet Caddy Mod Kit

Go to the pattern: Crochet Caddy Mod Kit

More info about project photographed Nenalanasdiy on Intagram. Be sure to follow her profile.

Crafter Granny

However, there are also other ways to crochet a caddy doll. Indeed, here is a crochet caddy doll that’s just like your Gran. Overall, I think this would be a great present for a budding, younger crocheter: a little granny to help the young one along. However, she’d also be great gift for your grandma: a friend to help her crocheting.

Crochet Crafter Granny

Go to the pattern: Crafter Granny

More info about project photographed Malak385 on Intagram. Be sure to follow her profile, too.