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Crocodile Stitch Heart Free Crochet Pattern

While Valentine’s Day is obviously associated with reds and pinks, there is absolutely nor reason you can’t valentine things up in different hues, So, without further ado, here are:

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Crocodile Stitch Heart Free Crochet Pattern

Here are some beautiful, colorful hearts done in the crocodile stitch. The video tutorial gives you a great way to follow along and crochet these little hearts for yourself. The pattern is easy and quickly produces lovely appliqués that can be added to larger crochet projects (a Valentine’s Day softie, hint hint) or even to other things (a big box of chocolates, wink wink).

Skills: Easy     Designer: Esperanza y Ana Celia Rosas

Crocodile Stitch Heart Free Crochet Pattern

Go to the tutorial:


Crocodile Stich Hearts


Heart Flowers Free Crochet Pattern

With this pattern you will be able to crochet flower made from 100 % of heart (maybe 99%) 🙂 You will need 6 Hearts for the petals, 1 or 2 smaller onces for the leaves and a heart of circle for a flower center. All hearts will be acompished by a stem. This pattern will be perfect for any occasion like Mothers Day, Birthday and of course Valentine’s Day. Link to the free pattern is below.

Skills: Easy     Designer Golden Lucy Crafts

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Go to the pattern…

Heart Flowers
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Patricia DellaCa 11 February 2020 at 12:37 pm

I love all the crochet you are showing me, there are several items which I am going to try to do. Keep all these crochet patterns coming as it fuels our own thoughts about possibilities, to which we can learn from. Thankyou Patricia


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