Colorful Sheep Free Crochet Patterns

Colorful Sheep Free Crochet Patterns
Sheep Toy Amigurumi

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How about some cute, colorful and cuddly sheep to improve your mood and turn up the warm and fuzzy factor to 11?

Sheep are a wonderful theme for crocheting: fluffy, cuddly, soft and adorable. However, they can get a little bland in their whites, blacks and grays. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take your sheep and give them some vibrant colors to make them an even better crocheted toy proposition. Have a look at our Colorful Sheep Free Crochet Patterns and see that your ovine crocheting needs will be fully met and satisfied. We love sheep, and we love celebrating these super adorable animals.

Sheep Toy Plush Free Crochet Pattern

It is hard to find a more lovable toy to cuddle than a fluffy sheep. That’s why they are a frequent decoration motif in the nursery. In addition to their cuddliness, they are a great subject for variation, because of all the different shapes and colors you can make.
You can make the ever-so adorable Plush Toy Sheep, fluffy, round and cute-as-heck. These lovely amis are just perfectly hand-sized for the little ones. Moreover, an easy pattern, so that you can make a whole herd for the kids. A link to free patterns is under the photos.

Skills:  Easy    Designer: Amigurumi Today

Sheep Plush Toy

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Sheep Toy Plush

Buzz’s Toy Sheep Free Crochet Pattern

Here is an absolutely gorgeous sheep in glorious technicolor. This lovely lamb has beautiful, multi-hued wool and an adorable sleepy expression. It’s a great project for a toy, or for a display. Heck, you might even make one for a Christmas manger! I mean, why not get ready early, right?

Skills: Easy       Designer: Projectarian

Buzz's Toy Sheep

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Buzz’s Toy Sheep

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