Coffee Time Blanket

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Any time is a good time for coffee! Java, java, java! Now, now, now!

Coffee is one of those things that become an integral part of your life right around the time you hit your late teens. It comes in so many forms and flavors! It’s obviously a pick-me-up, but significantly, it’s also great for kicking back and relaxing. Coffee is also the perfect companion for crocheting, therefore here are some beautiful and practical crochet projects to support both addictions. Enjoy coffee time even more with these attractive and useful patterns. So it’s coffee time!

Coffee Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

Hot drinks in cups often damage furniture, leaving unattractive rings on the surface. Therein, coasters are your solution. Crocheted items make great coasters, because they insulate the hot cup and are very attractive in themselves. Moreover, they can make a wonderful thematic decoration for the table. For example, these coffee-themed coasters are a great match for your after-brunch Sunday coffee, each one in a different color, so everyone knows their place 😉 Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

Skills:  Easy           Designer:  Sarah Zimmerman

Coffee Coaster Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about this pattern is here:

 Coffee Coaster

C2C Heart and Coffee Blanket

This easy C2C blanket will be a perfect decoration for your favorite coffee time lounger, or a (dare I say it) the coffee table. Indeed, any  place where coffee is to be had will benefit from this fun project.

Designer:  Divine Debris

C2C Heart and Coffee

The full article about this pattern is here:

C2C Heart and Coffee Cup Afghan Square

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