Charlotte’s Sunshine Baby and Charlotte – Large Square [Free Crochet Pattern]

Charlotte-Large Square Free Crochet Pattern
Photo: winklepicker (on the right); fetbyme (on the right) – The most beautiful realization of this pattern

This is perfection! Beauty and elegance in each stitch. It looks very classical in this color but this beautiful pattern is a modification of the popular Charlotte – Large Square by Dedri Uys:

Charlotte-Large Square Free Crochet Pattern

The modification of this pattern starts after the 36 round of Charlotte. This example is composed of double-knit yarn and 3 colors have been used, however, you can use any yarn and more colors than 3 if you wish. For free modification details, you have to log in or sign up to A link to that pattern on you will find below. Free pattern of Charlotte – Large Square you will also find below.

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How to do Charlotte – Large Crochet Square is here. Charlotte’s Sunshine Baby – modification of Large Square – Free Crochet Pattern is here.  Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook. For more ideas and free crochet patterns join our Facebook group.

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  1. Why do some ‘free’ patterns, when you click on them, say “Alert: Content is Protected!” How can it be free and then be protected at the same time. I have
    run into this problem a few times on this site.

    Thank you for your answer,
    Jo Burns

  2. Dedry Uys. U r amazing!! Thankyou so very much for sharing this gorgeous pattern. I love it so much. U are so extremely gifted & talented. It’s the first pattern I’ve ever followed & your instructions were easy to follow & impeccably accurate. I’m overwhelmed by your incredible talent xox

  3. Made these squares and used it as a centerpiece for a coverlet for our queen bed. I love how it turned out.
    Sincerely, Freda Davison

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