Cat Afghans Free Crochet Patterns

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Big meow to all the fans of kittens! We have to admit that finding these delightful patterns for Cat Afghans wasn’t easy. It is weird, isn’t it? So many crocheting cat-lovers out there and so few patterns. Anyway, let us enjoy what we have managed to find! We have one really classic option, designed many years ago but still absolutely beautiful, and one modern afghan made off kitty squares. You should certainly try them both!

Pink Catghan

This fabulous catghan was the main theme of a popular CAL started by the amazing Ink & Stitches. If you are a passionate cat-lover, this is the best crochet pattern you are going to find out there if you want to express your love to the furry creatures. Believe us, we have checked! A link to the free pattern is under the photo.

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Ink & Stitches

Pink Catghan Free Crochet Pattern

Go to the pattern:

Catghan C2C Blanket

Go to the video tutorials:

Catghan C2C Blanket

More info here and here.

Cats Afghan

Cats Afghan by Sandra Miller Maxfield will catch the attention of every kid and cat lover around you. This blanket will also be an eye-catching addition to your children’s bedroom. Cute cats will also be a perfect idea for a baby blanket for a newborn’s nursery or a stroller blanket for spring. A link to the free pattern is under the photo.

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Sandra Miller Maxfield

Cats Afghan Free Crochet Pattern
Photo: © MickeyinNC
Cats Afghan Free Crochet Pattern
photos: WonkyHook

Go to the pattern:

Cats Afghan

More info here.

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  1. Unable to find link for Cat pattern. I go in circles.

    1. Please find the sentence at the end “visit the free pattern site’ and click on it.

    2. Pat Cusat Hartzel says:

      Go back to FREE PATTERN SITE. Click that it will open to the pattern. Then you can print it

  2. Could not work out which of the large number of “download” links was actually for the pattern, very confusing 🙁

    1. Please find the sentence at the end “visit the free pattern site’ and click on it.

  3. WHERE IS THE PATTERN ??? I keep scrolling thru all kinds of junk and don’t see it. ????

    1. Please find the sentence at the end “visit the free pattern site’ and click on it.

      1. Nickole Bonsell says:

        Does anyone know how much of each color you need? How many skeins of each color?

  4. Ozarkmama says:

    Between the big green button and the ‘Save this on Pintrest” button are two sentences. The “visit the free jpattern site” is in the first sentence. I had to read the comments and go back to the top, read everything, before I found it. The afghan is really cute and I am glad I found the pattern, just hate jumping through hoops to find it.
    Both my sisters like cats, I am going to try using all my scraps to make one for each of them. Wish me luck!!

  5. Hi can you help pls…….The graph looks a lot smaller than the complete cats blanket ??

  6. Laetitia Botha says:

    Why 166 chains if the graph shows 40 block, each representing 2dcs?That adds op to 80, not 164, which is what the starting chain plus turn 3 is? Am I missing something?

    1. Susan Dechant says:

      Crochet the pattern twice across. Each square represents 2 double crochet stitches. There are 2 extra stitches on either side of the blanket, making a black border all around. The pattern tells you how many rows to make, in which you repeat the pattern vertically. Good luck!

    2. Amy Nortum says:

      I noticed the cats are reversed in some of the afghans other people have done and like it better, I reversed the graph but the numbers are backwards. How do you follow the graph for the rows when turning, the colors don’t match up.

  7. beth luteraan says:

    Is there a way to make this into a dishcloth? (shrink the pattern?) Beautiful job, I just love this!
    Thank you!

  8. Cindy ford says:

    I need this pattern

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