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Broomstick lace stitch works up incredibly fast and gives an amazing, eye-catching effect. The cowl, when finished, is 13 3/4″ (35 cm) wide and 23 9/16″ (60 cm) long. To widen it, just add multiples of 5sts and repeat rows more times than is in the pattern. This cowl is beautiful, very satisfying to make and very unique.
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  1. I was really excited about the broomstick lace cowl pattern, until I realized that the link to the pattern doesn’t work… it leads to the very same page it’s posted on…. I hope you can drop me a line when it’s fixed?
    Thanks, Rachel D

    1. Sorry, I corrected it, try again please.

  2. I to am having difficulty getting to the pattern each time redirected back to the beginning

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