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There is a limited number of crochet hat variants. Newbie types may liven things up sometimes with stripes or simple additions, yet in the long run you’ll want to stretch out, go up a level, and have a go at something new. We discovered what you’re looking for – this Braided Crochet Hat in intense, splendid hues. The plaited cap utilizes the puff line and different hues to make a unique thick surface that keeps out the cold.
No point by point example of the cap is given, so some training is required. If you’re comfortable with making knit caps, it won’t be very troublesome. If you’d like more instruction, we found a Crochet Puff Stitch instruction video.The link to the free pattern is below.

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Braided Crochet Pattern – Puff Stitch- the how-to photos of the hat from the picture are here. Basic diagram is available here. A video tutorial for puff stitch is here.

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