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Best Baby Dress Free Crochet Patterns

Aaaaaaaaaawwww! Ain’t that so cute?!

All things considered, nothing is more adorable than a cute crocheted baby dress. Moreover, you need not wait for the great weather either. You can make these even for the approaching coldest part of the year, because they accessorize like the dickens with anything you choose to join them with. Overall, these are easy patterns that will be great even for  beginner. At the same time, they are certainly beautiful enough to be given as presents. Consequently, there should be nothing stopping you from digging in and getting a start. However, if you need some more reasons, just look at these wonderful, adorable projects. Don’t they win you over just as they are?

Watermelon Baby Dress

To begin with, what happens when you “fruitify” the Little White Dress”? Why, of course, you get a watermelon dress of stunning beauty and adorable cuteness. After all, your little girl is every bit as sweet ast that sweetest of fruits.
Watermelon Baby Dress

The full pattern is available on Web Archive. more info about Watermelon Dress by Shutterbugette on Ravlery.


Blessing Dress

However, if you need a baby dress that’s a bit more “formal”, this cutest baby dress is perfect. Indeed, its lacy texture is absolutely perfect for that occasion when she needs to look her best.

Blessing Dress

The full article about this pattern –  Angel Wings Pinafore

More info about project photographed here.


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