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African flowers are a wonderful pattern for crocheting. They can be made as bold, or as subtle as anyone could wish. They work very well both on flat surfaces and on oddly shaped or curved objects as well. Here are some patterns to show you the great beauty and versatility of this gorgeous theme, both in even and odd petal number variants.

8 Petal African Flower Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

The first pattern is a design for a blanket incorporating 8-petal African flowers i a large variety of 4 color variations (navy, beige, light blue and white). Note how the 8-angled symmetry of the flower interplays beautifully with the diagonally stitched lines of voids in the blanket. This is a masterful, understated blanket making use of this design.

African Flower Blanket

this pattern is here:

African Flower with 8 petals

photo source: Instagram

6 Petal African Flower

Is your little (littlest??) one an upcoming Messi or Ronaldo, but he’s a smidge too early in his career for his first Adidas Telstar? This is a PERFECT solution. The African flower soccer ball is crocheted out of pentagons and hexagons just like a traditional “ladybug”. Each hex- or pentagon is crocheted separately, then they are stitched together into larger panels, which are then sewn together. The ball is stuffed tightly with fiberfill and closed. Your little guy can then practice his free-kicks and dribbing… both with the ball and onto it, because it’s totally safe for those little soccer stars that still have to taste everything in their world. Link to the pattern is at the end of the post.

Skills: Easy to Intermediate  Designer: Leslie StahlhutAfrican Flower Soccer Ball Free Crochet Pattern

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The full article about this pattern is here:

African Flower Soccer Ball, African Flower Pentagon, African Flower Hexagon

5 Petal African Flower

African Flowers are my favorite motifs in crocheting. I notice that flower hexagons are the most popular, but there is only a little information about pentagonal ones. You may ask “do I really need  learn this new pattern?” The answer is a resounding yes, you do, if you like to make 3D crochet projects with african flowers motifs.   The African Flower Pentagon will be used in every difficult ‘moment’ to shape the toy as it should be. Look at the photos below.

Crochet African Flower Pentagon Free Pattern
Photos: Heidi Bears (upper) ,Woolytoons (middle), Heidi Bears (lower)

After an in-depth look, you can notice that the pentagon areas were also used (in large numbers) to make the shape of this beautiful “happypotamus” (The Happy Hippo). A smaller number brings together the shape of this cute sheep (Miss Wooly). If you are here, that likely means you need to use this pattern! Go on, treat yourself! The lower photo shows the diagram of flower pentagon.   You will find the link to the video tutorial and free patterns below.

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Video tutorial:

 African Flower Pentagon – Free Crochet Pattern is >>here<<.   

 To show you how to use the pentagon, I used photos of Happypotamus, the Happy Hippo created by Heidi Bears (if you are interested in that pattern you can buy it here), and Miss Wooly by Woolytoons (you can find the pattern here).

The full article about this pattern is here:

 Leon Lion Amigurumi

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