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Beautiful Fingerless Free Crochet Patterns

Criss Cross Fingerless Gloves Free Crochet Pattern 

Fingerless gloves are a great way to keep your hands warm, but still leave some measure of dexterity for your fingers. Here are some ideas for crocheting these useful items, but in a very attractive guise.

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Criss Cross Fingerless Gloves Free Crochet Pattern

These beautifully textured fingerless gloves are made of worsted weight yarn so they keep your hands warm. They also work up very quickly and don’t need huge amounts of yarn. A great project to use up some of your yarn stash!  A link to free patterns is under the photos.

Skills: Easy          Designer: Maria BittnerFingerless Gloves Free Crochet Pattern

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Criss Cross Fingerless Gloves


Ammonite Wrist Warmers Free Crochet Pattern

The first glove is inspired by ammonite fossils, which are the beautiful fossilized shells of ancient sea snails. The fossils have a lovely spiral layout, and this is reflected very well in this glove with the ammonite spiral forming a faux clasp over the heel of the hand. These are easy gloves to make, and will look fantabulous in any color scheme you choose. A link to the free pattern is at the end of the post. 

Skills: Easy          Designer: Dedri Uys

Ammonite Wrist Warmers Free Crochet Pattern


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Ammonite Wrist Warmer


Easy Angel Free Crochet Pattern

In keeping with the fingerless glove theme, and with the Christmas season, here are some lovely angel gloves to satisfy your crocheting craving. This pattern is a favorite, with its concentric rings forming the base of the thumb and the lovely color set.
Skills: Easy   Designer : Sybilra

Kreisel Fingerless Gloves Free Pattern

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Kreisel Fingerless Gloves

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