Around the World quilt from granny squares

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Granny square patterns are one of the most popular ones. No wonder, they are as beautiful as they are practical. Let’s then check another amazing crochet free pattern.

A crochet square designer knows how many different possibilities there are. All the square variations, from simple and plain ones, through tapestry crochet squares, to a romantic flowery designs. Although it can be hard to choose which one to create, here we present you a very unique granny square pattern.

This pattern is very easy and the final effect is eye-catching! Besides, you will for sure enjoy not only crafting those, but also snuggling into your new crochet blanket.

Personalise Your Granny Square Pattern

Solid granny squares are what makes this amazing pattern so special. This stunning effect was achieved using crochet hooks size 13. The size of the complete quilt will be just right for the bedspread for queen size bed.

However, you can always adjust the crochet square pattern to your taste. Make it with a different crochet hook size or yarn gauge. Such simple tweaks allows you to create the blanket that fits your needs perfectly.

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Around the World Granny Square Pattern

What a lovely crochet pattern that invites us to create a colorful granny square blanket. Moreover, this embodiment is a bedspread/blanket with strong hues like cyan, magenta, violet, wine and variations thereon. Indeed a properly energising crochet design! It’s a beautiful project that builds gradients out of the squares and gives a bed an elevated look.

Skills: Easy        Yarn: Worsted (9 wpi)        Designer: Karen Buhr

Around the World quilt from granny squares
photos: Gilliano
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The full article about this pattern is here:

Around The World Granny Square Blanket

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Around the World Quilt

Similarly, here you can find a blanket based on the same granny square pattern. The colors used are Wisteria, Lavender, Violet, Cream, Sherbert, Cloud Blue and Aster.

A little bit more delicate take on the bed throw instead of creating vibrant energy flow. Perfect for those looking for soothing colors and soft textures. They are so lovely and gentle!


Skills: Easy        Yarn: Stylecraft Special Double Knit    Designer: Karen Buhr

Around the World Quilt
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The full article about this pattern is here:

Around The World Quilt

More info about photo projects go here.

Choose Your Granny Square Pattern

Which one of these amazing crochet granny square patterns will you choose? Create your bed throw easily thanks to the simple instructions shared by square designers. Mix and match colors, crochet hook sizes and yarn weights to personalize your crochet blanket.

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