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Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat.

Actually, geese are not only a festive food. Indeed, they are fascinating birds in their own right. Moreover, like turkeys, they are also a fun theme for crocheting. Thus, here are some amigurumi goose patterns that will surely help you bring some honking migrations into your home. Of course, as in nature, these crochet geese come in all manner of shapes and colors. What’s more, you aren’t limited to natural ones in your choice of these, either. Better still, you can accessorize your Anatids in any way you see fit. For one, I think that fall attire is a great choice.

Goose with Hat

So, here is an amigurumi goose in a lovely bobble hat, ready for whatever the weather throws at it. Of course, the color of the hat is up to you, and you can certainly use symbolic ones for a given holiday.

Goose with Hat

The full article about the pattern is available  on blog

or on Ravlery.

Anton the Christmas Goose

So, this amigurumi goose is ready for Christmas, in his festive hat. While he is crocheted in Rainbow Cotton 8/4, you can enlarge this project by using Rainbow Cotton 8/6 or 8/8.

anton the christmas goose

The full article about the pattern is available on 

Amigurumi Goose

Lastly, here is a wonderful profile amigurumi that will be perfect as a decoration on a door, or with a holiday wreath. As you can see, it also looks astounding on weathered wood.


The full article about the pattern is available on Megmade with Love.

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