Two pictures of ami birds with hats and scarves.

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Amigurumi is an artform.

While crocheting is great for making clothes, blankets and knickknacks for the house, it’s also one of the best crafts for making toys. Amongst these, amigurumi softies are simply the most adorable and fun projects you can make. Overall they take the shape of small, simplified animal or critter forms that have wonderful accessories which give them lots of character. Among these, an ami birdie is probably the cutest figure to make, while still having lots of room to customize and accessorize. Moreover, because of the way you make them, they are super easy to work up, stuff and then decorate. So, to take a break from all the “Ho, Ho, Ho!” why not take on these cute, adorable toys?

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Helmut the Junior

To begin with, this ami birdie looks like he’s ready to go to a beat ppooetry competition or a stroll along a Parisian boulevard. In particular, I adore his slightly squinted, a bit blase eyes.

helmut the junior

Go to the pattern: Helmut the Junior.

More info about project – visit alpaca.craft on Instagram.

Bird Keychains

Of course, an ami birdie can be colorful and playful beyond belief. Thus, here is a little ami parrot that will help you start your car in the morning and put a bit of cheer in a cold day.

Bird Keychain

Go to the pattern: Bird Keychains

More info about project – visit toys_plyushka on Instagram.

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