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Amigurumi softies are a great way to make toys for kids, whether they are small toys for keeping in tiny paws, or a mobile for hanging over the crib. Amongst ami animals, lambs are one of the better subjects for crocheting because they are hey’re soft, fluffy and oh! so adorable. Best of all they’re also versatile, and can be used for so many different toy designs.

Lamb & Baby Mobile Free Crochet Pattern

Baby mobiles and flying sheep… Oh my! This is one of the most adorable and joyful baby mobiles I’ve ever seen. It’s an amazing decoration for a nursery, over the cot or changing station. Best of all, this is educational, helping your baby to focus their eyesight and eye alignment and to swat and bat with their hands when they’re a little bigger. It’s a wonderful arrangement of the sheep below.

SkillsEasy        Designer Sarah Zimmerman

Lamb & Baby Mobile

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The full article about this pattern is here:

Lamb & Baby Mobile

Lamb Lovey Free Crochet Pattern

Another lamb pattern with a lot of huggability potential is this lamb lovey. The body is a comforting, fluffy blanket made of soft, white yarn. The head is an easy to make amigurumi ovoid with absolutely adorable, crocheted sleepy eyes. This is also an easy pattern with a quick work-up time, and lots of room to customize. Your little one will love it to bits!

Skills: Easy            Designer:   Swecraftcorner

The full article about this pattern is here:

Lamb Lovey

Lamb Photo Frame Free Crochet Pattern

If you want to finish your nursery room with the crowning touch, you can make also this cute lamb photo frame. Can’t you just picture your little guy or gal’s face in this adorable picture frame? I can certainly imagine my own. This pattern is one of those original ideas that seems so obvious and great once you have seen it.

Skills:  Easy        Designer: Passionatecraft2

Lamb Photo Frame Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about this pattern is here:

Lamb Photo Frame

 Little Lamb Baby Bib Free Crochet Pattern

Kids make a mess when they eat. This is one of life’s little axioms: when you feed your baby, you will be cleaning pap off the table, floor, chair, off of yourself and, of course, off of your baby. This pattern is great for those times when sproggy refuses to open their mouth and the spoonful ends up on their chest, or else they dribble, oh gods how they dribble. Never fear, crocheting can solve that problem as well, and do it in style!

Little Lamb Baby Bib Free Crochet Pattern

The full article about this pattern is here:

Little Lamb Baby Bib

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