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Amazing Feathers Free Crochet Patterns

Reversible Feather Free Crochet Pattern

Crocheting is not only great for making clothes, blankets and the like. It’s also a great technique for making decorations, accessories, appliqués and accoutrements for various other projects.One such decorative item are feathers which can be a decoration added to pretty much anything, including wall hangings, clothing, accessories… or may function independently as a simple bookmark. Of course, you can’t forget crocheted stuffies, and birds in particular.

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Reversible Feather Free Crochet Pattern

The reversible crocheted feather is an easy pattern to create a textured feather with a strongly delineated quill and flights. This is a lovely project which can be highly customized with colors, and then used as you please in other projects. It may be a a good one to engage kids with, as they may find making them quite enjoyable. A link to free patterns is under the photos.

Skills: Easy          Designer: Tejiendo Perú

Reversible Feather Free Crochet Pattern

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Reversible Feather



Tunisian Feathers Free Crochet Pattern

 Here is also another feather project made using the Tunisian crochet method, which then is useful in other projects such as the presented dream catcher. This too is simple and are easy enough that they can be one of the first Tunisian crochet projects you take on.

Skills: Easy to Intermediate    Designer: Poppyandbliss

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Tunisian Feathers

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