A colorful blanket with a fox on it.

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Animal-themed blankets make wonderful projects with large and small designs crocheted into projects such as blankest, afghans or throw rugs. Favorite animals are a great way to motivate beginners to start crocheting – who wouldn’t want a blanket with their favorite criter? You could also make these a CAL project for your own home… so much better than having them sit in front of the TV. That aside, they are wonderful of and in themselves, and you will enjoy putting these projects together for their own sake.

Fox in the Woods Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

The Fox in the Woods afghan is a wonderful example of how you could make a very complex design using a “pixellated” and geometric technique. The fox itself is a wonderfully lively beastie with a very alert and remarkably “fox-like” appearance and this is done on a beautiful, dense background that will cover and highlight any surface you grace it with, be it a floor or furniture.

Skills: Easy   Designer: Helen Coe

Fox in The Wood Blanket

Go to the pattern:

Fox in The Wood Blanket

Drapped in Dogs Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

She’s done it again! In a follow up to the wonderful Covered-in-Cats Afghan, Rachel Misner has one-upped herself with the Draped-in-Dogs Afghan. This wonderful piece made much like the previous one, but now features ultra adorable floppy eared pups. Check our post Special Blanket for Cat Lovers Free Crochet Patterns to see more animal blanket patterns. Make one of each, a blanket for the cat lover and one for the dog lover! A link to the free pattern is below photos.

Skills: Easy   Designer: Rachel Misner

Drapped in Dogs Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

Go to the pattern:

 Drapped in Dogs Afghan

Sleepy Bear Reversible Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This beautiful graphgan is cute and reversible. Sleepy Bear Blanket is another example of blanket made made using the C2C technique. It so easy and quick that you definitely have to try it.
Skills: Easy       Designer: Highland Hickary Design

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Go to the pattern:

Sleepy Bear Reversible

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