A crocheted African flower and square.

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Let’s continue our break from clothing.

However, let our break also be devoted to something practical. To the point, let’s have a look at some African flower square ideas that will inspire us to make wonderful blankets and afghans. Overall, the African 8-petal flower is a versatile and beautiful theme, because you can really fine tune the combination of boldness or subtlety you want. Moreover, they’re not just for flat surfaces. Indeed, you can use them on projects that wrap around a curved surface. However, they truly come into their own when incorporated into a square as a central rosette.

African Flower

To begin with, as the name says on the box, this 8-petalled beauty is a classic of the kind. In particular, I like the border around the flower tat really delineates it.

This amazing photos are available on Instagram: African Flower Square; for tutorial, how to make them, see Youtube tutorial by Play Hooky with Me:



8 Petal African Flower Blanket

However, if subtlety is called for, this African flower square is IT. Overall, this is a masterful, understated blanket making use of this design.

The full article about this pattern is here:

African Flower with 8 petals

photo source: Instagram

You can also follow Youtube tutorial how to make 8 petal flower granny square:

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