African Flower
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Let’s look at some beautiful floral blankets.

So, we all know the African flower as a handy motif for appliques and the like. However, it’s truly much more versatile than that. After all, a motif as useful as that can be worked into a much greater variety of items. Thus, here are some African flower blanket ideas to help you build around this absolutely stunning theme. Moreover, since it is readily combined with other techniques, there is absolutely no reason not to make squares or other shapes as building blocks for a blanket or throw. Additionally, the ease with which you can make these as well as the huge potential for customization make it a definite must-know design.

African Flower Blanket

Based on African flower square, this blanket is without a doubt one of the nicest, and at the same time simplest African flower patterns. Overall, it can be described as African flower meets granny squares, and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Skills: easy      Designer: Barbara G Smith

The full tutorial about African Flower square you will find on Made In K-Town blog:

African Flower Square Tutorial

More info about Katyanovikova’s project you can find on Ravelry.


Down The Rabbit Hole Blanket

SO, I mentioned other shapes of building blocks? Indeed, here is an African flower blanket based on the African flower hexagon. Down the rabbit hole? Indeed, yes, but it’s honecombs and flowers all the way.

Skills: easy      Designer:  Heidi Bears

down the rabbit hole blanket


The full tutorial about this pattern you will find on Heidi Bears Creative blog:

African Flower Haxagon

More info about Wondrlanding’s project you can find on Ravelry.


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