Baby Girl Sleeper Set Free Crochet Pattern

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Despite the bleak weather outside, it’s getting close to the time when spring and summer baby clothes will be needed. So, without much further ado, here are some adorable baby sets that will get your babies, or someone’s babies at any rate, into the right aesthetic frame for the year’s more pleasant seasons. That aside, these are very worthwhile projects that will help you pleasantly pass the time in these slowed down times.

Eva Baby Set Free Crochet Pattern

The Eva baby set is a butterfly-inspired beanie and dress that will give your little girl that adorable final touch for her springtime stroll or outing. The gentle progression of colors and flared bell really make this a timeless design. In particular, the lacy structure will keep your baby warm, but not overheated. This is a great and worthwhile pattern. We hope you like it.
Skills:  Easy    Designer:  Mama Lama Patterns
Eva Baby Set

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Eva Dress & Hat

Adorable Baby Set Free Crochet Pattern

In a similar vein, but in a more free-flowing way, this Adorable Baby set will also be a hit with your little princess. In particular, the flared short sleeves add a very feminine and beautiful touch. The denser stitching of the top nicely complements the airy bottom. Very nice, especially if you include the ultra-cute bunny slippers.

Skills: Easy          Designer: Crochet Corner

Adorable Baby Set

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Adorable Baby Set- Dress and Hat

Kitty Baby Booties

Baby Girl Sleeper Set Free Crochet Pattern

Skills:  Easy    Designer: Abigail Goss
Baby Sleeper Set

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Baby Girl Sleeper Set

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