Baby Crocheted Set

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Aaawwwwwmygaaaawwwwd! That’s so cute!

While, of course, Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here, there are other reasons to crochet. Of course, babies are one reason probably more important than most. Therefore, here are some adorable baby set ideas that will inspire you to wrap junior up in crochet. That said, we understand that some readers are still just getting started in “The Hobby”. So, here are some begginer friendly patterns that will ease you along. However, there are veterans out there among you as well. Consequently, these patters are also suitable for you as well.

Baby Dungaree Set

To begin with, this adorable baby set is simply perfect for your little farmer. Overall, some simple stitches and the right choice of colors make this one an ideal present.

Skills: upper beginner   Designer: Crochet ‘n’ Create

Baby set sweater and pantsGo to the pattern:

Baby Dungaree Set

Baby Jacket Set

Next, this adorable baby set combines a fun and comfortable jacket with a warm and cozy beanie with sweet little bear ears. Oh my!

Skills: beginner   Designer: Yarnspirations Design Studio

Baby Jacket SetGo to the pattern:

Baby Jacket Set

Baby Multicolor Set

Finally, here is the most complete adorable baby set. Since it uses a delicate pastell colorful yarn, it gives off a gentle, soothing air. It’s perfect for a stroll in the park.

Skills: beginner   Designer: Lion Brand Yarn

Baby Blanket Jacket and Booties Set

Go to the pattern:

Baby Set

more info about project photographed here.

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  1. Flora Hutchings says:

    Beautiful pattern! Would love to see American Girl doll patterns.

  2. Lupe Durham says:

    do you have any beginner crochet patterns for slippers or something easy?

  3. Jennifer Hoffman says:

    I found a crochet pattern to make slippers which is supposed to be very easy, as the entire pattern is just a plain crocheted rectangle. The slipper is formed by pulling one end together and folding over the other end.
    If you look up “Crocheted Slippers” it will come up. (The photo is a pair of beige slippers, with silver buttons on the side as a decoration.) There is also a pattern for crocheted socks or boots. The photo is of a striped, multi-colour boot. If you search “Crocheted Boot” it should come up. I’ll try to figure out how to share the links here.

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