Amigurumi Turkey

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Thanksgiving will be here soon, first in Canada and soon afterwards in the US.

So, it’s high time to turn your crochet muscles onto Thanksgiving-themed crocheting. The autumn leaves have are now falling and (one would hope) the firewood is all ready for the winter. This wonderful celebration of friends, family and all we’ve been given deserves special crochet recognition. Thus, in honor of turkey day, have a look below at these turkey-themed amigurumi patterns to help you demonstrate your spirit. Without a doubt, you will greatly enjoy making these lovely patterns and decorating with them as well.

Thanksgiving Turkey Gnome

Designer: Lindsey Dale

This pattern will be definitely favourite if you already are a gnome lover! The pattern is intermediate, but adding a Thanksgiving – themed gnome to your collection is worth any effort, eh?

turkey gnome scaledThe full article about the pattern is available on Winding Road Crochet blog:

Thanksgiving Turkey Gnome

Turkey Ami Gobble Gobble

5″ tall turkey will be fun project you can make in no time. This  cute ami will be the best pattern for a quick toy gift for children or friends.

Designer: Jackie Laing

turkey gobble gobble scaled

The full article about the pattern is available on FurlsCrochet blog:

Turkey Ami Gobble Gobble

Tutt Turkey Amigurumi

Here is a very decorative turkey ami. Consequently, this one will be perfect for a Thanksgiving diorama or display, for example in the foyer or fireplace room.

 Designer Joanne Loh

turkey tutt scaledThe full article about this pattern is here:

 Turkey Amigurumi

more info about project photographed also on Ravelry.

Crochet Turkey

Designer: Grace and Yarn

This pattern allows you to create a medium size amigurumi which will measure approximately 8″. A colourful, vivid tail make this pattern a perfect toy for kids, but can also be a matching decors to your Thanksgiving table.

turkey crochet scaled

The full article about the pattern is available on Grace and Yarn blog:

Amigurumi Turkey

Country Turkey

Next, here is this beautiful bird among our Thanksgiving decor ideas. This one will also be a great decoration, but kids will love playing with it as well.

turkey country scaled

The full article about the pattern is available on StringyDingDing blog:

Country Turkey

Gilbert, the Thanksgiving Turkey

Gilbert is a playful, indeed cartoon-like, Turkey-day bird that’s ready to help you celebrate. Undoubtedly, he’ll be a central decoration of your Thanksgiving layouts at home.

Designer:  Tatyana Lebedenko
gilbert the thanksgiving turkey scaled
The full article about this pattern is here:

Gilbert, the Thanksgiving Turkey

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