A collage of different crochet Christmas star ornaments.

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When you wish upon a star…

So, let’s hear it for easy patterns that are great for beginners or as a last minute projects to decorate your Christmas tree, and even make a Christmas garlands. Of course, by this I mean Christmas star ornament patterns. Indeed, all you need is a crochet hook and some tiny lengths of yarn, thus it’s also a great project to use up yarn odds and ends. Moreover, because you don’t need to crack open expensive new skeins, it’s also a fabulous way to get the younger ones involved. After all, all kids love to make decorations for the Christmas tree, and it will be a treasured memory for them in the future.

Christmas Star Ornament

Without a doubt this is a simple pattern as it consists of only 3 rounds, and mainly make use of the bobble stitch. Better still, you can make this from just about any yarn, and the finished size is about 3.5 inches. Of course, the choice of colors is totally your own, and you can match these to your overall decor.

Christmas Star Ornament

Go to the pattern: Christmas Star Ornament

Christmas Star

Next, we have these adorable granny stars. They are perfect for garlands. Moreover, the link contains not only the pattern, but also a video tutorial. The Beautiful Crochet Stuff site also has a matching granny Christmas tree on the blog. Overall, these are wonderful, lacy stars that will shine up your home like no other.

Christmas Star

Go to the pattern: Christmas Star

Twinkler Stars

For this Christmas star ornament, there are both a pattern and a chart available, and it uses the treble and dobule treble crochet stitches. The project is so small, that even if you haven’t tried these stitches before, you can do this quite easily.

Twinkler Stars

Go to the pattern: Twinkler Stars

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