Summer Cleaning Accessories and Gift Ideas

Summer Cleaning Accessories and Gift Ideas
Summer Cleaning Crochet Ideas

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Splish, splash, I was having a bath….

Without a doubt, it’s always a good idea scrub up. Therefore, here are some ideas for crocheted cleaning accessories for the summer. Overall, each of these is a wonderful, useful little project that will add a splash of style to your daily ablutions or cleaning. However, if you bundle them just right, they’ll also make a fabulous gift, or addition to a gift. For example, they could be a personal touch with a toiletry set, or the basis of a larger gift. Aside from that, they’re also great for decorating a mundane space like a bathroom or a kitchen.

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Diagonal Dishcloth

As mentioned above, cleaning accessories are a great gift and decorative idea. Indeed, this one is an absolute little gem, especially with the bow and fancy folding.

Designer: Ananda Judkins

Diagonal Dishcloth Free Crochet PatternThe original pattern and the photos are available at Ravelry:

Diagonal Dishcloth

more info about project photographed also on here and here.

Scrub it Scrubby

Next, in terms of crocheted cleaning accessories, scrubbies are a perennial favorite. Thus, here are some classic puck-shaped ones for your use and enjoyment.

Designer:  Pam Stiff

Scrub it Scrubby Crochet Cleaning Scrubber

The original pattern and the photos are available on  Ravelry:

Scrub it Scrubby

Spread the Dishcloth Joy

Finally, no list of crocheted cleaning accessories would be complete without a classic, flat dishcloth. Therefore, here is one with a gentle, yet definite texture for cleaning and a good thickness in case you need to grab a hot pot.

Designer:  Catherine Richardson

Spread the Dishcloth Joy The original pattern and the photos are available at Ravelry:

Spread the Dishcloth Joy

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