Square in a Square Free Crochet Patterns

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Joining them edge-to-edge is not the only way to incorporate squares into your crochet projects.

Here are some ideas for square in a crochet square free patterns. In short, these consist of concentric combinations of squares that build on one another. This is a wonderful way of getting multiple squares forming little ripply ponds or geometries all within the space of another square. The repeating iteration of this is consequently a stunning blanket or afghan, rich in color and likely in texture too.

 Nadine Crochet Square Free Pattern

The Nadine square has an almost floral central square with a bold, crisp edge. This is an easy builging block, that is furthermore super decorative.

Designer: Polly Plum

Nadine Square

The full article about this pattern is here:

Nadine Square

Elements Cal Square

The Elements CAL was a blanket project based on a wonderful, layered square. Here is is a link to this absolutely gorgeous square, which you can use as a building block or accent in your own projects.

 Designer: Sandra McButton

Elements Cal Square

Go to the pattern:

Elements Cal Square

More info about LoriBaran’s project here

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