Petal Cone (Flower) Edging for Afghans [Free Pattern and Video Tutorial]



This edging, of recent popular on the Web, comes from a page in a different language. Although sometimes it’s called petal cone edging, the name of flower edging is also used. We have found a written pattern for you for this that edging, as well as a video tutorial. This edging will be a perfect finish for your afghans or blankets, but you can use it also in many other different projects. Here are some of the most beautiful realization of this border:

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This edging, of recent popular on the Web, comes form a page in a different language.
Photo: Tejiendo Peru (lower)

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    1. it appears that she wanted to make clear that your last row of your blanket or item has some open holes (DC) you attach your yarn, ch2, skip stitch of open hole, sl st in the next st then turn your work and 4 DC in the open hole, turn your work, then 5 dc on the pole below. then sl st to the 4 DC. blow past the first 8 minute then you will see what i am trying to explain

    1. Hi, love the pattern. I need a video showing how to go around corners. I can’t figure out how to do it even on the sample using the V st.

  1. This was a fabulous video tutorial. I can make the little cone flowers but like several others, what do I do when I get to the corner of my work? Tie off and start again on the next row? Maybe there is a better way??? Would love your ideas.

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